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Music & DJ Services

Every event needs something special and in many cases it's in the music of the event that makes and or brakes the event. Mobile disco's have been around for many years in fact decades and although the style of presentation and the use of technology has come a long way, the idea or principle is the same. Play some really good songs and everyone will be dancing and having a good time. Right?

There are a few things to know and to consider when booking or looking at your DJ or mobile music supplier. When you Google or search them what comes up? Are there complaints about the company. Or bad post at all, that should already give you an indication that something might not always be above board. Secondly what a lot of the general public is not aware of is that to run a music service company you have to be licensed to do so. SAMRO & SAMPRA regulate the music service supply companies and it's not negotiable. You have to be licensed and pay royalties to the relevant musicians and or writers of your favourite songs to be legal. When they get paid for their fun songs being played at all your events they earn an income which allows them to produce more work for you to enjoy again in the future. It's like when you bake a cake and someone physically steals it and sells it off as their work and gets paid richly for the 10 slices of cake they sold while you as the real baker gets nothing. You won't be able to produce another cake because it also costs you to produce what you did. Please consider this important element.

Your DJ should have his license certificate or membership details nearby and if you have any doubts ask them for their SAMRO and or SAMPRA details and validate it through those agencies. You have the right to choose a reliable supplier. Often you will find young entrepreneurs starting our as party or wedding DJ's and they play without licenses and use sub standard equipment. Yes everyone starts somewhere, however you wouldn't want something like that to affect how well your event is running when the bad illegal downloads of songs are being played and the speakers are distorting as well. The venue that hosts your event is also obligated to ask en verify that your DJ is licensed as they too could be fined for allowing illegal activities taking place.


Adlertainment has more than 12 years of experience and along with some of our partner companies in the music industry, we have seen many little FLY-BY-NIGHT companies. And due to the fact they cannot produce or maintain their license they don't succeed.