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Heinrich Adler

We know just how hard it is to host an event, any event, and have the daunting task of picking someone to guide the guests through the day or night and help make everything run smoothly. Right? Like having your favourite uncle or cousin stand in front of hundreds of people trying to organise the day or making a little joke or two could be really hard, especially if they themselves aren't too keen on taking on the task of being your MC.

Well that's where our resident main man Heinrich comes in. You see he has: "a voice that should be on radio" as every guest at all our events keep telling him and he has the personality that goes with it. The stress of having people feel at home and comfortable for your event is calmed by this man's ability to have everyone there like him, love him and want to buy him drinks because they feel like they know him since their teenage years.

Events feel like a smooth drive through the mountain ranges with this man helping you host. Be sure to enquire, if you need an MC, and check if Heinrich is available for your event. He Is a hit with the guests.