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These days it's become second nature to simply pick up almost any device and capture something quickly. But we want to give you more. We want to give you the moments from your event like a movie and a documentary all in one. 

Our videographers are all individuals who bring their own special touches to complete a true refection of how special your event really was, captured in HD, with multiple angles and professional sound.
Events we film:
- Weddings
- Birthdays
- Themed Events
- Christenings
- Music Videos
- Corporate Events

Some couples allowed us to follow their magical moments from the guy proposing to the big wedding day itself.
We don not just film or capture and go, our focus is to get something special out of your event and also make it seen in a special way through the final edit.

One of latest music videos For afrikaans band ELVIS SE SEUN Featuring CASPER DE VRIES

Just have a look at one of our special clips we had the honor to create. You just get goosebumps when two people absolutely love each other. And the magic lives in our clips.

We can film almost any event you can think of. Here is a sample of a Music Video we did for a rocking local Afrikaans artist.

 This couple just had it all. From being in love to showing off their class. So much effort went into to every element of their day.

This is an example of our work. From how you get dressed to how the entire day happens we are there to capture it all.



This was a special couple and they were completely in love. You can see it from every moment filmed.